Alma M. Karlin
Alma M. Karlin virtual home

Alma Karlin's virtual residence will have, according to its dynamic nature, many rooms, small places, and little corners. Compared to her last true home at Pečovnik, which collapsed, this one will be maintained, renewed and extended.

For now, we are opening the door of the reception-room...

Alma M. Karlin

An extraordinary woman, a female creature, as she used to call herself, a writer, a worldwide traveller, an explorer, a polyglot, and a theosophist as well as a cosmopolite, Alma M. Karlin was a distinguished personality from Celje and is indelibly imprinted on the mind of the city and its inhabitants; in the Slovene cultural memory the knowledge and awareness about her literary, exploratory and spiritual transmission always strikes against the reproach about the nationality - " but she was German, she wrote in German". The time in which she grew up and matured into an individual was the age of decline and destruction of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and the individuality had a greater meaning for Karlin as the nationality did.


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